Classes, products and gifts

Welcome to Make and Believe

We are a creative start up business. We offer arts and craft classes face to face and online for children in prep to year 6. We also design and develop children products, for fun, educational and for relaxation purposes. 

We also run a community charity called Pencils of Change that collects stationery for underprivileged schools in Uganda. 

Art Classes

Make and Believe Kids focusses on creating art and craft projects, programs and classes for all ages between 3 and 13 years old. We love meeting new kids, being creative and engaging in new techniques and methods. 


 We run art classes during the holidays, during the term, Art online channel and are soon to release birthday party entertainment. 

We are constantly growing and taking on new ideas to keep kids creative, thinking and learning new skills in a fun and imaginative way. 

My passion is to inspire kids to learn, believe in themselves and try new things. 

Art Class Girl
Child Doing Art Activity


We are currently working on finalising designs for a few new kids products.

These products are educational, for calming and relaxing children. We are also building art packs, kits and resource to support our online classes. 

Our products are all locally designed, sourced and packaged in Brisbane, Australia. 

Pencils of Change

POC (Pencils of Change) is our latest adventure. 

We will start collecting Pencils as soon as we can. We have collaborated with School for Life Foundation, which we will be sending pencils and stationery to their schools in Uganda. 

This is a start up story that we can't wait to share with you. Watch this space.

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