About us

Make and Believe Kids focusses on creating art and craft projects, programs and classes for school aged kids. We love meeting new kids, being creative and engaging in new techniques and methods. 

We started running art classes in September 2019 and have had +120 kids join my art classes since. We run art classes during the holidays, during the term, Art online channel and are soon to release birthday party entertainment. In conjunction with our art classes we will also be stocking art supplies online and in Store.


Our name comes from the fact that I wish for kids to learn to be MAKErs, problem solvers, creators and develop their personal skills. Initially I saw children being sucked into technology devices and losing their fine-motor, hand-eye-coordination and problem solving skills. They lacked the confidence to try, and wanted instant gratification and satisfaction, without trying, thinking or giving things a go. BELIEVE - I wanted children to believe in themselves, to believe they can create, they can achieve and they are capable of anything. Through art I wish to empower, enrich and grow their minds by being creative. 

We are constantly growing and taking on new ideas to keep kids creative, thinking and learning new skills in a fun and imaginative way. 

Make and Believe was founded by Bianca Crawford, a qualified Industrial designer with a wide variety of graphic design, art, child care and education experience. My passion is to inspire kids to learn, believe in themselves and try new things. 


Our values

We pride ourselves in providing a professional, quality and friendly service.


We value originality and hold customised creativity and beauty close to our hearts when designing our programs, products and resources.

We believe in offering a professional service, that is reliable, honest and has open communication lines with all customers and clients.