Pencils of change ...

A simple pencil is the most humbling tool. A pencil says so much more than just a piece of wood filled with graphite. A pencil says education, art, drawing, learning, experience, growth, challenge, hope, and so much more. It is the first tool we use to write our name, learn the alphabet, numbers and develop our writing identity. 

We in 1st world countries take them for granted sometimes and throw them away. Many kids in this world only dream of holding one, owning one and being able to write or draw for the first time. Many children in the world do not have access to education, resources and materials. 

This page is to bring to those who are without from those who have. This is not for personal gain but to give to those in need and build relationships with other communities. To help show our kids that sometimes our rubbish is someone else’s treasure. 

I myself am a South African women who has moved to Australia. I work with children from all over the world in a school as well as run my own business teaching art classes outside of schools. I love to draw, I love art it honestly gives my heart wings. 

Initially I read a book called the promise of a pencil. Which inspired me to open my eyes of how simple things can make such a big difference to those who have nothing. I have always been a giving person and a person who knew they were here to help, inspire and build others. To lead and to empower, enrich and help, in a humble way. Not for my gain but the growth of others. 

Recently I have witnessed children throwing good pencils in the bin, With still many more adventures caught still to be discovered. My heart sank... it was just a pencil... but I saw it as the humble tool of hope. 

So this is only the very very beginning... the start but I hope others will jump on board and see the value we can all do to collaborate and make a change. 

If you wish to sponsor, lead, collect, chat, or be apart in anyway... please message us we would love to have some like minding people join our story.